Our manifesto

WellDay is a platform of services dedicated to the vision of applied global wellness and comprehensive self awareness. Its strategic mission is to offer applied tools of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness into daily life. So that we can all benefit, grow, transform and collectively evolve. So that we can find practical solutions to our everyday concerns, so that we can fulfil our creative potential and manifest our dreams into reality. The higher principles that stand behind us are:

  1. Unity, we seem as separated individuals but in essence we are one, we come from the same universal source. The more we grow on a personal level, the more we contribute to our global transformation on a social, business, political, environmental, technological, educational and cultural level. 
  2. Longevity, we live an ephemeral life yet we can live it well. We can be taught how to create integrity monents and experiences. We can learn how to be active, healthy and creative so that we can convert the challenges humanity is facing into meaninful opportunities.
  3. Uniqueness, each one of us is a unique being that holds inherent talents and charismas. Each one of us needs different tools to grow and evolve. This is why WellDay applies a personalized approach, ensuring the tools provided are meaningful and effective, assisting invividuals and organizations to serve their higher purpose and unleash their potential.
  4. Appreciation, we wave the light to the great people that paved the way of self-discovery. The true beacons of knowledge, practical wisdom and inspiration, who dedicated their lives to continuous effort, so that humanity can walk one step further. Those who shared the essence of their lifetime experience, providing practical tools and information, to the benefit of our self-knowledge and advancement. This effort is wholeheartedly dedicated to them and the whole of humanity.
  5. Inspiration, life is the most profound and multidimensional experience we can ever have. It is a true gift that unfolds new learning opportunities and treasures every day. As long as we take the time to appreciate every single experience and most importantly, learn from it. We are here travel together to all those unexplored fields, to all the higher realms, to discover all the incredible learnings made available to us every single moment.

The provision of practical information on Personal and Corporate Health & Wellness, forms the foundation of our healing tools and professional expertise.